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Delivery times / dates listed on the Websites in any order of acknowledgment, acceptance or elsewhere are estimates only. While we endeavor to meet such dates, we shall not be liable to you for any delay. In case of inability to deliver the products, we will return the payment upon request. Delivery will be a valid address to the address you sent. You must check the delivery address on the order and notify us without delay in the event of an error. We reserve the right to charge you for any additional charges arising from a change you make to your delivery address after you have submitted your order.

As a consumer, you are responsible for checking the products upon delivery and verifying that they are in satisfactory condition, in accordance with your description. If you do not notify us of any defects in writing within 2 (two) weeks, your rights arising from the defective product are excluded.

When any product you receive contains software, that software is licensed by us or by the relevant licensor / subject owner of the relevant end user license agreement or other license provisions attached to the software and such software may not be copied, adapted, translated, make available to third parties, distribute, modify, disassemble, or combine with any other software, except to the extent permitted by the license provisions. For technical questions about the product you have purchased, please contact the supplier directly. Please note that Support from the vendor may be in English.

We will be liable for damages arising in connection with the products and services of these terms of use to the extent that we can attribute intent or gross negligence to our representatives, our agents or ourselves. This limitation of liability applies to all damages claims, regardless of their legal basis and including but not limited to obligations for contractual, pre-contractual and collateral claims. This limitation of liability shall not limit mandatory statutory liability, including liability for damages caused by negligence.

You may not assign your rights to third parties in accordance with these terms. These Terms supersede all prior contracts and employment arrangements, whether oral or written, express or implied, between us. Any prior conflicting titles or provisions are hereby excluded. We reserve the right to change or modify these Terms without prior notice.

We deliver the ordered items by Hrvatska Pošta, City Express, Overseas or other courier service. The delivery will take place within 3 days from the day of the order, and at the latest within the statutory period of 30 days. If it is impossible to deliver the selected product because we do not have the product in stock or we can no longer order it, we are obliged to notify the customer in writing, and the customer has the right to cancel the order/contract or agree to a later delivery date. We will try to deliver all ordered items in one package. If this will not be possible due to the stock, we reserve the right to deliver in multiple shipments.

PRODUCT COMPLAINTS are accepted only with the presented invoice as the only proof of purchase. Card slips and similar confirmations cannot replace a receipt. No complaints without an account. In case of a product complaint due to defects or hidden defects, send the product to the address Miam-Veri d.o.o., Palmoticeva 43a, Zagreb.

The European Commission's online dispute resolution platform enables the resolution of disputes related to purchases. Access to the platform via the link http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/ Miam-Veri d.o.o. at this time, it does not participate in the subject procedures for online resolution of consumer disputes.

Only the Buyer who has entered into a distance contract (Internet store, shopping by telephone, catalog sale) may terminate the contract without giving a reason (Article 72 of the Civil Code), within fourteen (14) days from the receipt of the goods, assuming that before received confirmation of prior notice. In the event that he exercises his right, the buyer bears the cost of returning the goods and must return them within 14 days (Article 77 ZZP). The buyer also bears the cost of any reduction in the value of the goods (Article 77 of the Commercial Code) (unpacked goods, lost documentation and parts, damage, use of the goods, etc.), except for what was necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and functionality. If the product is returned defective, with major damages or without parts and documentation, and if the same is not delivered within a subsequent period of 8 days, it is considered that the Buyer has not fulfilled his obligation to return the goods and the Seller is not obliged to return the paid funds. Other rights and obligations are listed in the attached Standard Information Form for unilateral contract termination at the following link: Standard Information Form.

All complaints in accordance with Article 10 of the Consumer Protection Act (N.N. 41/2014) can be sent by mail or electronic mail, as well as in the business premises where you are located. If the complaint is submitted in the business premises, the merchant is obliged to immediately certify its receipt in writing.
Other ways of filing a complaint:
- to the address Miam-Veri d.o.o., Palmoticeva 43a, 10000 Zagreb
- to the e-mail address info@software.hr
In order to confirm the receipt of the written complaint in accordance with Article 10, paragraph 5 of the Act, and then to respond to it, please provide the correct information for receiving it.

The validity and effectiveness of these conditions will be governed by the law of the Republic of Croatia with the exclusion of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CSIG).